Tucker Full Skirt Apex 100% Wool Pad, Fleece Bottom



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Size: 28"x34"

Pad Color: Black

Leather Color: Brown

Made from 100% steam-pressed wool - with absolutely NO FILLERS - is the best you can get and ideal for long rides.

Steam pressed wool offers excellent shock absorption for those extra-long hours in the saddle. Wool is the only material in the world naturally grown by mammals to regulate their body temperature in all weathers and climates. It decreases moisture on the inside by transferring it to the outside where it can be evaporated. Futurity front wither relief so it will not bind your horse's withers. The contoured back is reinforced with an oil tan spine to create a natural fit against the horse's back and result in less slippage. Durable oil tanned wear leathers resist cracking while the dropped rigging pad design covers and protects your horse against rubbing from the rigging dee.

How do you know which length to choose? Take the skirt length of your saddle and add 4” to get the desired length of the pad. For our short-backed equine friends, just add 2”.

Will 3/4" wool be thick enough for long rides? If your saddle fits your horse well and you don’t need any type of correctional padding, then we recommend a 3/4” wool felt pad because we have found after years of saddle fitting anything thicker can alter your saddle fit. When you use more padding than what is necessary, it can out pad a great fitting saddle and create pressure points or cause the saddle to roll because the saddle is higher off the horse.

Country of Manufacture United States
Brand Tucker
Horse Size Horse
Padding Amount 3/4"

Pad Drop




Weight 5 lbs