Sabella Sparkle Glitter Gel Stencil Kit


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Includes 2 stencils and an applicator.

Sabella Sparkle Glitter Gel Stencil Kit's stenciled stars and hearts will last for days or may be brushed or rinsed out.
Water-based Sabella Sparkle Glitter Gel may be stenciled on hair, fabric, metal, wood or leather. Place stencil on desired area, squeeze Sabella Sparkle Glitter Gel (assorted colors sold separately) product on the top of the heart or star opening on the stencil and using the applicator smooth the gel down over the desired area covering the stencil opening entirely, continue until the area is solid glitter. Tape may be used to hold stencil in place while applying glitter gel. After all desired areas of stencil are filled with glitter, remove stencil and let dry. To remove Sabella Glitter Gel of off hair simply brush off.
To remove off leather use a damp cloth. Rinse stencil and applicator after each use.