Reinsman Apex Ranahan Wool Pad, Black



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Reinsman's RANAHAN Blanket Top pad has a 100% woven wool top that is vibrantly colored and will breathe. Inside, your horse's back is protected by thick stuffing felt that is shock-absorbing, cushioning, and moisture-wicking. The soft, fleece-lined wither cut out will prevent rubbing. The natural contour shape along the spine fits nicely under your saddle. It's an ideal choice for an everyday saddle pad with the leg cut out for precise cueing. The 100% wool is natural fibers against your horse to breathe, wick moisture, and will mold to your horse’s back to help prevent the saddle from slipping. With colors to complement every horse coat, you and your horse will look and feel your best!

Key Features:

  • Woven wool top
  • Contoured with leg cut out for close contact
  • Fleece lined wither relief protects from rubs
  • Made in India

Helpful tips: Make sure the topline of the pad is centered on your horse's topline and an equal amount of pad is showing in front and back of the saddle. Pull up the pad slightly in the gullet of the saddle before cinching to prevent wither pressure. Not sure what size pad you need? Take your saddle's skirt length and add 4" to get the desired pad length. For our short-backed equine friends, just add 2".

Country of Manufacture India
Pad Wear Leather Walnut
Brand Reinsman
Horse Size Horse
Padding Amount 3/4"
Pad Length (Front to Back) 30"
Pad Drop 32"
Pad Bottom Material Wool
Care Instructions Make sure your pad is clean before putting it against the horse. Proper care prevents caked spots of dirt, sweat, and hair and maintains the integrity of the pad. Loosed matted areas with a curry comb and brush or vacuum.