Reinsman Square Swayback Contour Pad, Diablo Teal

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This pad is designed to assist in fitting a saddle to a horse who experiences bridging across their back because of a lower than typical curve. Did you know a swaybacked horse can be young and underdeveloped, short coupled, or an older horse? When a horse has a dropped back, he needs pad support to fill in the gaps between his back and the saddle tree to help distribute the rider’s weight to eliminate pressure points.

To eliminate bridging we have a 1 1/2" thick foam core in the center that tapers to 3/4" on each end to level the saddle from front to rear and fill in any voids. 30" long x 30" drop

  • USA Hi-Tech Fibers
  • Fleece Bottom
  • Spine Relief Channel
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Stain and UV Resistant
  • Contoured Spine