Phil Haugen Horsemanship Foundation and Fundamentals: Colt Starting Program


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For more than twenty-five years Phil Haugen has been involved in caring for, riding and training horses. This experience has led him into developing this trademark program. He provides the training and discipline to get both horse and rider ready for top competition or simply a sale and rewarding riding experience. Phil's proven techniques have contributed to the loyalty and success of a growing list of clients that appreciate his
care, handling and training of their horses, as well as his patience
and understanding with them as students.


Disc One begins with the fundamentals or safety for horse and rider. by building trust and through understanding by using a system of pressure and release.

Runtime: 83min.


Disc two highlights desensitization of the horses body and mind, and the flexion process is started. The flexion process ultimately leads to controlling the horses five key body parts.

Runtime: 127 min.


Disc Three continues the development of a solid foundation of fundamentals. I through correct repetitions Phil achieves control over me horse five key body parts

Runtime: 94 min.