The Competitive Edge II: Moving Up the Levels by Max Gahwyler


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Page Count: 135

As he did in his very successful first book, The Competitive Edge: Improving Your Dressage Scores in the Lower Levels, Max Gahwyler now shares his advice and guidance with riders moving up (or thinking about moving up) the levels in dressage. In the same warm, lively and often humorous style, he considers:

  • The historical background of present day competitive dressage.
  • The image of the centaur, and what it should mean for serious riders.
  • Understanding moving up.
  • The "big step up" in moving up the levels.
  • Key movements and how to ride them.
  • Understanding the tests themselves.
  • How to analyze which test is right for you and your horse.

Then, in the fascinating last chapter, ride along as Fourth Level 3 is ridden in competition. 

Written especially for the amateur, The Competitive Edge Il: Moving Up the Levels is an invaluable help to riders in their progression in dressage.