Myler Bits: The Level Best for Your Horse by Dale, Ron & Bob Myler

Myler Bits: The Level Best for Your Horse by Dale, Ron & Bob Myler

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Page Count: 227

The Level Best for Your Horse builds on the Mylers first book A Whole Bit Better with improved definitions of the Myler Levels, expanded descriptions of the Myler mouthpieces and cheekpieces, a clear explanation of leverage, and a more comprehensive guide to using the Myler System to select a bit for your horse.

"We remain dedicated to helping riders communicate more effectively with their horses and to helping horses be more comfortable and relaxed in their minds... We bring this book to you in the hopes that you can find something in it that will make your relationship with your horse better, That's all we can ask for."
Excerpt from Preface of The Level Best for Your Horse

"The Mylers have revolutionized our thinking about bits and dispelled common myths about how bits work. I've seen instant turnarounds in horses of all kinds just by switching to a Myler bit and it's all I use on my horses."
- Julie Goodnight, clinician, educator, trainer

"My Arabians can't be distracted with ill-fitting bits. Myler bits have unique designs that help my horses be relaxed and responsive. Thank you to the Mylers for helping us ride better!"
- Beverly Gray, former member United States Equestrian Endurance Team

"In one session, the Mylers' forever changed the way I see how bits affect horses. 'Their simple, yet powerful concept based on the anatomy of the horse is knowledge that everyone needs to know."
- Jonathan Field, clinician