My Horse Rears by Ruth Mazet


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Page Count: 168

A fresh look at undesirable behaviour in horses - both ridden and when handling on the ground - and how to remedy it.

The cornerstone of Ruth Mazet's approach is to work with the horse's innate desire to please. She believes that ever horse has it, although sometimes it's buried deeply. Through the pages of this book she shows you how to make it easy for your horse to do what you want. What is needed to resolve problems with horses is an understanding of the way the horse's mind works combined with a few relatively simple techniques - and here it all is. As a methodology it's foolproof. Anyone can do it - and Ruth Mazet will show you now.

Problems addressed include rearing, bucking, bolting, napping, shying, head-shaking, kicking, biting, and refusing to lead, load or be caught. Ruth Mazet started riding at the age of ten. From the day she acquired and then trained her first horse at the age of fourteen, horses became an integral part of her life. As she encountered more horses, she found she had a natural talent for rehabilitating those with problems. Since those early days, Ruth has dedicated her life to understanding the many difficulties that beset horses and their riders. Through years of working with a long line of problem horses Ruth developed her unique, problem-solving techniques. Today she continues to bring 'difficult' horses back to normal' and runs a website offering help, advice and information for horse owners and riders. She regularly contributes articles to leading equestrian magazines.