Learning to Ride, Hunt, and Show by Gordon Wright


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Page Count: 128

"This mutual confidence is the keynote and cornerstone of all good horsemanship. It doesn't just happen. It is the result of being taught the right thing to do, and being made to do it over and over again, at the slow gaits and at the low jumps, until your reactions have become automatic.

For this reason, I have worked out a special technique of instruction to accompany each chapter in this book. Whether the pupil is fortunate enough to be able to work under the guidance of a competent instructor, or whether he is self-taught, this technique of instruction will help him rate his progress and keep him from the common fault of trying to go ahead too quickly. Once the early work has been mastered, and a secure, balanced seat in the saddle has been achieved, the pupil can move ahead very rapidly to the more advanced stages of riding."

-From Gordon Wright's preface to the original edition

"I encouraged Skyhorse Publishing to make this little book available again because it contains all the essential fundamentals of horsemanship. You will notice that I said 'horsemanship; not 'equitation. Horsemanship encompasses rider form and control, and so much more: the horse's conformation and stable manners; grooming, shoeing, and other aspects of horse care; tack and apparel; and how fundamentals of rider position and control should be applied not only to the show ring but to such other disciplines as polo and foxhunting. Some terminology has changed ... but the basic approach remains as sound today as it did when Gordon Wright first changed the face of American horsemanship?"

-From the new introduction by George H. Morris


GORDON WRIGHT produced more horsemanship champions than any other trainer of his era, most notably William Steinktaus, George Morris, and Frank Chapot, all of whom went on to Olympic fame. At the time of his death in 1990 at the age of eighty-seven, he was universally acclaimed as one of this country's most influential horsemen. 

GEORGE H. MORRIS, at whose urging this book was republished, was Wright's protégé. America's most successful trainer of hunter/jumper riders, he now serves as coach of our gold medal-winning Olympic show jumping squad.