Lami-Cell V22 Protective Boots Front Pair, Red Large

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Lami-Cell introduces the Ventex 22 line of products featuring the revolutionary new Coolite fabric. Coolite is a patent pending quick-dry Neoprene that is lightweight and breathable. Its rubber sponge laminate construction is 20% lighter than other breathable materials on the market, providing heat dissipation but with excellent stretch and recovery. This human medical grade material has been tested to show a remarkable difference in temperature compared to similar competitor's products. However, despite its breathability, Coolite is also durable and resilient. The excellent compression quality of the material provides significant protection from impact. So if you are looking for quality and innovation to support your horse's performance, look for Ventex 22.

  • •360 degrees of optimum support and protection of the fetlock, tendons & cannon bone
  • • Features patent pending Coolite quick-dry neoprene for heat dissipation and breathability
  • • Specially designed to help prevent crossover and concussive injuries while absorbing shock from hoof impact
  • • Lightweight and durable
  • • Suspensory strap with hook and loop closure
  • • Helps prevent hyper-extension of the fetlock

Small (14-15 hands)
Medium (15-16.2 hands)
Large (16.2-17.2 hands)