Hiding Glory by Laura Chester


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Excerpts from Hiding Glory:
I think I fell in love with Glory right there upon that mossy hillock, with Joya leaves wafting in the breeze overhead, sunlight filtering through them. He was as still and as delicate as the most perfect flower. I felt like he was already my very best friend, and that we would always take care of each other.

From "Glory Appears"

* * *

The Kermudgins pulled me along so violently, I tripped several times and bruised my knees, but they yanked me up and prodded me forward. Where was Glory? Why didn't he come when I needed him? Was it possible that he was hurt or even captured? But then all of a sudden, the sound of his hooves came clattering up the hill...

From "The Battle Begins"



What would happen to the flowers when the first frost came? That could happen any day now. I couldn't imagine losing Glory, of not having his sleek blue neck to stroke, not seeing the throbbing white star on his forehead. I dreamt of kissing his velvety muzzle, and longed to shine his silver hooves and polish his golden saddle.

From "My Horse Collection"