Feeding Your Horse for Life by Diane Morgan


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Nutrition can make the difference between a good horse and a great one, between a stressed out, skinny or fat animal, and a sleek, finely tuned partner for fun and adventure. And it's in your hands what that will be.

But, let's face it, the topic of nutrition isn't exciting reading- until now. Feeding Your Horse for Life will help you make the right choices for your equine partner and do it in a- dare we say it- interesting way.

  • You'll learn how the digestive system functions, so you'll understand exactly how
  • hay turns into horses.
  • You'll learn about the basics of nutrition: protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • You'll learn how water, vitamins, and minerals make the crucial difference.
  • You'll discover how to choose good hay and maintain a good pasture, what kind of grain (and how much) to feed.
  • You'll pick up hints on nutrition for breeding mares, foals and performance horses.
  • You'll learn how poor feeding can cause disease, and good nutrition cure it.
  •  You'll find out what poisonous plants and toxins may be lurking in your fields.
  • You'll get to check out supplements and nutraceuticals- and find out which ones make a difference and why.
  • There's even a resource list, so you can discover more on your own--and a con version table for changing those pesky metric units into familiar English ones.

Good nutrition is one of the most basic aspects of good horsekeeping-and Feeding Your Horse for Life makes learning about this important topic enjoyable.