DucksWax Water Repelling Leather Tonic, 500mL


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✓...The original is translucent....Use it on any colour leather. Use the black version to restore the colour of scratched and faded leather.
✓...Both soften and preserve your leather
✓...Both have conditioning properties to revive the look of old leather or wax cotton
✓...Original can be used to reproof wax cotton without stripping the original wax (use black on black)
✓...100% natural, containing NO solvents, silicon, Teflon, paraffin or bleach
✓...They smell really nice
✓...Neither will not leave leather sticky or greasy
✓...Original can be used on rubber, car & motorcycle plastics and chrome too!
 ✓...All products in the range contain NO ANIMAL DERIVATIVES whatsoever