Dressage to Music by Claire Lilley

Dressage to Music by Claire Lilley

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Page Count: 176

Riding dressage to music: everything a rider needs to know! In this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide, discover:

  • how schooling to music can add another dimension to daily training
  • how to choreograph a routine
  • sample routines from Prelim through to Prix St Georges
  • how to ride music in a group and Quadrille riding explained
  • advice on designing and making costumes that do not cost the earth
  • an understanding of the rules, choreography and technical side of producing the music
  • first-hand experiences from well-known riders and trainers.

In this inspiring and practical book, Claire Lilley, an experienced choreographer of Freestyle, encourages everyone to have a go at riding to music, even if just for fun, and removes the mystery behind creating a routine for competition.