Cavallo Boot Studs, 12 Pack

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Package of 12.

Please Note: When riding with the ice studs, please use your cautionary judgment regarding safety for you, your horse, and others around you. You should know how your horse will react to being ridden in these types of conditions. Be sure your boots fit well, before trying them with studs. Legs, hoofs, pasterns and coronets can be destroyed by the use of studs. Be diligent. Be careful. Do not use studs on one boot and not the other. Horses need balance. Do not turn horses out with studded boots on. If you are drilling into older boots, please ensure that the stud tread does not extend past the sole of the boot. Boots that are worn down may have a thinner sole and the placement of studs becomes very important. Please use your own thoughtfulness and best judgment. Always be aware that you have studs in the boots and do not ride in them when they aren't needed.