Canadian Horsewear Coolmax Liner Rainsheet with Removable Neck, Pandora Diablo

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1200 Denier Diamond Ripstop Shell Rainsheet.

Diamond Ripstop is a sustainable polyester fabric made from recycled PET bottles—an effective solution that reduces plastic waste while creating a strong, versatile material with exceptional performance.

Diamond Ripstop is made from a 1200 Denier fabric weave sewn with reinforcement fibres in a crosshatch pattern, a technique in which the yarn is woven in repeating sets of intersecting lines, resulting in a diamond pattern.

This construction method provides a tight weave, which is highly resistant to wear, tear, shrinkage, moisture and mildew. Coated with Dupont waterproofing, and features a waterproof membrane.

Waterproof and breathable  horsewear, built with 1200 Denier Ripstop fabric with Dupont protection. Canadian Horsewear is designed and tested right here in Canada. Canadian Horsewear Co. is constantly fine tuning these blankets as they use them on their own horses, in our harsh and varied Canadian climate. We love the selection of contemporary fabrics which complement our equestrian lifestyle. Canadian Horsewear Co. creates top quality blankets that you and your horse will love.  

  • 1200 Denier Ripstop Shell - As horse owners, we know that weaker fabrics (600D and below) will not last.
  • Higher Shoulder Gussets For the best fit in Canada.
  • Double Buckle Front allows each blanket to fit one size up and down from the marked size.
  • Dupont Coating For waterproof and breathable protection.
  • Coolmax lining to absorb and wick away moisture.
  • Elastic Reinforced Cross Surcingles.
  • Elastic Leg Straps with Double Snaps.
  • All Seams are Taped For extra waterproofing.
  • All stress points are boxed and surge stitched.
  • Coolmax Liner

These blankets are very adjustable and have a generous fit due to the high shoulder gusset and extra large tail cover.

When ordering a blanket, please measure your horse.Just like people clothing, every blanket manufacturer fits different.  To measure your horse, measure from the center of the chest, to the center of the tail.  

Here is an easy to understand size chart:

Size 52" fits a horse that measures 52" to 54"
Size 56" fits a horse that measures 56" to 58" 
Size 60" fits a horse that measures 60" to 62" 
Size 63" fits a horse that measures 63" to 65" 
Size 66" fits a horse that measures 66" to 68" 
Size 69" fits a horse that measures 69" to 71" 
Size 72" fits a horse that measures 72" to 74" 
Size 75" fits a horse that measures 75" to 77" 
Size 78" fits a horse that measures 78" to 80" 
Size 81" fits a horse that measures 81" to 83" 
Size 84" fits a horse that measures 84" to 86" 
Size 87" fits a horse that measures 87" to 89"