Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, 4oz.

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk, 4oz.

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Concocted from the finest, most meticulously selected ingredients, ranging from cosmetic grade adhesives to deeply conditioning oils and waxes, Chamberlain’s new Leather Milk Healing Balm may be the most intense leather healing remedy on the market yet. Unlike ordinary conditioners, Healing Balm is made especially for aesthetic work, designed for detail and touch up work for leather that’s seen better days.

Whether your leather is plagued by scratches, scars, light cracks in the hide, or is just really, really thirsty – Healing Balm will milk it back from its rut with form. Carefully optimized to preserve glossy and shiny finishes, this all-natural, curating potion will enrich the color and vibrancy of your leather, and beautify for years to come. Not for use on suede or other extremely soft leathers.

Includes Premium Fine Pore Scrubbing Absorption Sponge for the perfect application.



  1. Test first in a discreet area.
  2. Dab absorption sponge or finger lightly into balm.
  3. Apply Healing Balm in gentle, decorative strokes where leather is blemished.
  4. Allow balm to absorb naturally (don’t rub).
  5. When conditioner no longer absorbs, buff off and allow leather to dry.